Preview: Kirby: Genesis #5

Mon, January 23rd, 2012 at 6:58am PST

The stakes are already high in a battle royale pitting Silver Star, Captain Victory and the Glory Knights versus Darius Drumm, the Lightning Lady and Roag over the Proto-Seed -- and when Sigurd Dragonsbane and the Mythicsjoin in, the results will shaket he heavens themselves. Meanwhile, Kirby's only hope for survival on the Phantom Continent lies in the Primals, whose secrets are rooted deep in the history of mankind itself.

Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)
Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)Kirby: Genesis #5 (Vol. 5)  

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