Preview: Irredeemable #34

Fri, January 27th, 2012 at 12:58pm PST

Brand New Arc! Great For New Readers! The Paradigm finds itself severely weakened by a cataclysmic superhero death, but the situation is even more dire than they realize, as an old enemy walks among them! Meanwhile, the Plutonian wrestles with his origins as he faces his parents. This is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers to experience Mark Waid's superhero-gone-wrong masterpiece!

Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)
Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34)Irredeemable #34 (Vol. 34) 

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