Preview: Tanpopo HC, vol. #1

Tue, February 14th, 2012 at 12:58pm PST

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March, 2012
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Tanpopo (the Japanese word for Dandelion) is superhumanly intelligent and inhumanly emotionless. Attached to a mysterious machine, she is ruled by her mind and vast knowledge. But one day, her heart rises up to struggle against her ruling mind. Torn and confused, she now seeks her humanity, longing to feel what other humans feel.

Kuro, disguising himself as The Poodle, hears Tanpopo's lamentations, and promises her that she can experience all human emotions, especially love and happiness. Alas, this kind of offer doesn't come without a price … Kuro is The Devil in disguise, and he is after Tanpopo's Soul. The series follows Tanpopo's journey into the human world, as she is confronted with the reality of life and death. As she goes out into the world, she meets a variety of characters and is plunged into challenging obstacles.

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