Preview: Mice Templar #4

Tue, April 22nd, 2008 at 11:10am PDT

Only the legendary Readers of the Wheat priesthood can approve Karic’s destiny as the prophesied liberator of all mice. But only knighted Templars dare enter their ancient fortress within the Great Ash Tree, while Karic must first survive the sacrificial rituals of the fearsome druid-witch Black Anaius. Also, the Hooded One reveals his name, and it may cost the life of Pilot the Tall.

Mice Templar #4 (Vol. 4)Mice Templar #4 (Vol. 4)Mice Templar #4 (Vol. 4)Mice Templar #4 (Vol. 4)
Mice Templar #4 (Vol. 4)   

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