Preview: Witchblade #155

Mon, April 16th, 2012 at 6:38pm PDT


Sara Pezzini only wants to repay Cain Jorgonson by rescuing him, but a mysterious cult stands firmly in her way. The new creative team of TIM SEELEY (HACK/SLASH, BLOODSTRIKE) and DIEGO BERNARD (The Man With No Name) conclude their genre bending first arc on WITCHBLADE as Sara finds herself caught between a Chicago feud much older than she ever suspected! Can Sara protect an innocent cop and save a poseur magician and bring two opposing gangs to justice?

Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)
Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)Witchblade #155 (Vol. 155)  

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