Preview: The Darkness #6

Mon, October 13th, 2008 at 11:51am PDT

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Oct 15th, 2008
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The smashing conclusion of the “Empire” storyarc is here, as Jackie Estacado faces off against a foe that is pure evil incarnate. Matching brains and brawn against this formidable enemy will test Jackie’s strength, acumen and resolve as it becomes clear to him that The Darkness power is more than just a sinister force — it is an agent of rage-filled destruction hell-bent on ridding itself of Jackie once and for all. Writer Phil Hester (Superman: Confidential, Green Arrow) and rising star Michael Broussard (Unholy Union) put the stamp on their momentous first arc on The Darkness.

The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)
The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6)The Darkness #6 (Vol. 6) 

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