Preview: Witchblade #157

Mon, June 25th, 2012 at 6:48pm PDT

"PORTALS," Part One

Even as she struggles to make ends meet as a PI, Sara Pezzini can't help but be drawn into the corrupt supernatural underbelly of Chicago. Her discovery of mystical portals around the city will lead her to a realm unlike anything she's experienced before and bring her face-to-face with a former bearer of the Witchblade!

Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)
Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157)Witchblade #157 (Vol. 157) 

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