Preview: AvX: VS #4

Thu, July 5th, 2012 at 8:57pm PDT

• THE PREMIERE AVENGERS VS. X-MEN TIE-IN! Two incredible fights every issue, torn from the pages of AvX.

• Daredevil vs. Psylocke! By Rick Remender (UNCANNY X-FORCE) and Brandon Peterson (NEW AVENGERS, UNCANNY X-MEN)

• Thor vs. [CLASSIFIED] by Kaare Andrews (ULTIMATE COMICS covers, SPIDER-MAN: REIGN)!

AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)
AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)AvX: VS #4 (Vol. 4)  

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