Preview: World of Archie Double Digest #22

Mon, October 8th, 2012 at 11:17am PDT

Archie in “Hanky-Panky” - Arch and Jug are sweating their upcoming exam and turn to A-student Dilton for advice. Surely there’s more to acing an exam than just studying hard, right? Discover what Dilton’s “lucky charm” is when it comes to making the grade!

Archie in “Welcome to the Digital Age” - Technology sure moves fast. Archie’s grandfather marvels at how far computers have come since he was Archie and Chuck’s age, giving the teens insight into where computers came from and how they will advance in their lifetime.

Reggie in “Don’t Look Back” - After misplacing his cell phone, Reggie retraces his steps hoping to track it down. However, when you’re Reggie, the trail you leave can be rather risky!


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