Preview: Green Hornet #29

Mon, October 15th, 2012 at 6:58am PDT

A new criminal mastermind to deal with, a city flooded with high-tech weapons, a new public perception to manage, and a love life that veers wildly from nonexistent to complicated as hell: Britt Reid is a man with his hands full. Part two of the ARMS RACE arc finds Green Hornet and Kato battling an all-out assault from an imported villain seeking to wipe out all competition and make Century City his own.

Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)
Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)Green Hornet #29 (Vol. 29)  

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