Preview: Young Avengers #2 (Unlettered)

Thu, January 3rd, 2013 at 1:36pm PST

Has Wiccan made a horrible mistake that comes back to bite everyone on their communal posteriors? Spoilers: Yes.

Does this guest star the Uncanny Avengers? Spoilers: Also Yes.

A figure from Loki's past emerges. Friend? Foe? What will it be? Spoilers: It's Foe.

And much more from Marvel's most critically acclaimed book. Yes, we're saying it's critically acclaimed and it's not even out yet. We are very bad.

Young Avengers #2 (Vol. 2)Young Avengers #2 (Vol. 2)Young Avengers #2 (Vol. 2)Young Avengers #2 (Vol. 2)

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