Preview: Clay County

Tue, January 22nd, 2013 at 1:01pm PST

Story by
Bruce Brown, Chip Christell
Art by
Adam Mrozowski
Letters by
E.T. Dollman
Cover by
Adam Mrozowski
Arcana Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Jan 23rd, 2013
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DESCRIPTION: The Earth is ruled by ruthless alien invaders who came to our planet seeking a mysterious power source known only as Sf-92. Now, one year later, the merciless aliens have crushed the planet's armed forces and annihilated all freedom fighters. All but one: SGT Coleman is Earth's last hope. If he can find Sf-92 then maybe--just maybe--he can use it against the alien conquerors and win mankind's freedom. His search brings him to Clay County: a backward, redneck slice of the deep south that is completely unaware--or too drunk to care--of humanity's subjugation by an alien army. Together with the unlikely allies of Clay County citizens Blake, Vern, Hot Dog and Root, Coleman sets out to find Sf-92 before the Earth's otherworldly overlords, save mankind, and drink a few cold ones along the way.

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