Preview: Punisher: Nightmare #5

Thu, January 24th, 2013 at 8:58pm PST

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Jan 30th, 2013
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• A Special Forces soldier is injured and his family killed in the midst of a mob execution in Central Park, but this isn't Frank Castle. This time it's a young soldier named JAKE NIMAN, but the familiar story puts Frank on the path of punishment!

• As Jake Niman heals from his wounds, why is he growing strangely stronger?

• And who is the mysterious Johnny Nightmare?

• Bullets fly, anarchy reigns, allies become enemies, the Punisher becomes the punished, and no one is safe!!!

Punisher: Nightmare #5 (Vol. 5)Punisher: Nightmare #5 (Vol. 5)Punisher: Nightmare #5 (Vol. 5)Punisher: Nightmare #5 (Vol. 5)

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