Preview: 10th Muse #8

Mon, February 25th, 2013 at 3:08pm PST

The 10th Muse has been defeated and her soul has been removed from the body of Emma Sonnet. Now there is no one to stop Grayson from leading his forces against the "Gods of Olympus." The all-too-human Emma and her friends Brett and Dawn understand only they stand between Grayson and total conquest of the Gods. But the only way they can survive against Grayson's power is to enlist the service of their greatest enemy, one who nearly destroyed them when last they met.

10th Muse #8 (Vol. 8)10th Muse #8 (Vol. 8)10th Muse #8 (Vol. 8)10th Muse #8 (Vol. 8)

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