Preview: The Spider #10

Mon, March 18th, 2013 at 11:25am PDT

Every great hero has a worthy nemesis. At last, the Spider’s great pulp-era enemy, The Fly, is reborn in the modern era. A wealthy playboy, with all the power and resources of his enemy, The Fly is as committed to the perfect crime as the Spider is to perusing justice. Determined to destroy the Spider before he can get in the Fly’s way, he issues his challenge, and the Spider must find a way to save a building full of innocent hostages while avoiding the tightening noose of the police. Now the Spider will have to face the one man who has the drive, the means and the intelligence to bring him down.

The Spider #10 (Vol. 10)The Spider #10 (Vol. 10)The Spider #10 (Vol. 10)The Spider #10 (Vol. 10)
The Spider #10 (Vol. 10)   

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