Preview: Thanos Rising #1

Thu, March 28th, 2013 at 8:58pm PDT

• What comes after "Marvel NOW!"? Whatever it is, it starts HERE.

• The vile face left movie audiences in shock after last summer's Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" movie, but who is this eerily disturbing villain?

• Thanos rises as the unrivaled rogue of wretchedness in this gripping tale of tragedy, deceit and destiny. Where did this demi-god of death and destruction come from and...more importantly what does he want?

• The answers come from the incredible creative team of Jason Aaron (Wolverine, X-Men Origins) and Simone Bianchi (Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men) as they take you on journey that will not only change the course of one boy's life...

...but will soon change the very nature of the Marvel Universe.


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