Preview: Harbinger #11

Fri, April 5th, 2013 at 1:15pm PDT

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Harbinger #11 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new, standalone story arc launching Peter Stanchek and Toyo Harada straight into the center of the Harbinger Wars, by New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart and fan favorite artists Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine!

Now that the Harbinger Wars have kicked off with a multi-megaton bang, go back to 1969 to witness the first clash of Toyo Harada and Rising Spirit Securities and the origin of their ever-escalating game of corporate warfare and superhuman subterfuge. And now, decades later, how are Peter Stanchek and his band of Renegades feeling the fallout of this 40-year-old cold war? And what secret could possibly be calling them out of the Nevada desert and directly into the sights of the Harbinger hunter called Bloodshot?

Harbinger #11Harbinger #11Harbinger #11Harbinger #11
Harbinger #11Harbinger #11Harbinger #11Harbinger #11

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