Preview: Warlord of Mars #25

Mon, May 20th, 2013 at 6:58am PDT

It's Judgment Day on Mars. Everything John Carter has achieved has lead him to this final confrontation with the cruel tyrant of the Martian north. But he's going to be so busy commanding his army that he's not going to be able to rescue Dejah Thoris this time – she's going to have to rescue herself! And even if Carter is victorious, he has upset the ancient religion of Mars and smashed the red planet's eons-old customs. What will be his reward? The epic battle to unite all of Mars awaits you in Warlord of Mars #25: The Final Reward!

Warlord of Mars #25Warlord of Mars #25Warlord of Mars #25Warlord of Mars #25
Warlord of Mars #25Warlord of Mars #25  

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