Preview: Sabertooth Swordsman #1

Mon, July 8th, 2013 at 7:05am PDT

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Jun 3rd, 2013
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When his village is enslaved and his wife kidnapped, a simple farmer must find his inner warrior! Granted the form of the Sabertooth Swordsman by the unfathomable Cloud God, our hero embarks on a treacherous journey to save his people in this six-part digital-first series!

Gasp at the villainy of the malevolent Mastodon Mathematician! Thrill to the Sabertooth Swordsman’s heroism atop Sasquatch Mountain! Gag at a meal of psychotropic grasshopper! All this and more awaits in the first issue of Sabertooth Swordsman!

Sabertooth Swordsman #1Sabertooth Swordsman #1Sabertooth Swordsman #1Sabertooth Swordsman #1

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