Preview: Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Sun, December 28th, 2008 at 8:40pm PST

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Jan 2nd, 2009
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WAR OF KINGS lead-in!

All hail Blastaar, King of the Negative Zone! As Rocket Raccoon attempts to pull a new team of Guardians together, the big question is... what the d'ast happened to Star-Lord? Prepare for major curve balls and hi-octane action as Star-Lord squares off against the new warlord ruler of the Negative Zone....Blastaar! Just what is this feared FF foe planning to do with a certain high tech

prison full of some of the Marvel Universe's worst super-offenders? And how does this all lead to War of Kings? Find out in the series that calls “a rip-roaring, side-splitting romp of a book that shouldn't be missed.”

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