Preview: FCBD: Scratch9

Fri, February 21st, 2014 at 11:52am PST

Scratch9 drops all-new furry fury on Free Comic Book Day 2014 with a new special issue from Hermes Press.

Cat of Nine Worlds - Part 1
The world’s greatest super-hero cat kicks off an all-new, full-length adventure! Scratch’s nemesis Dr. Schrödinger is back and out for revenge, and this time he’s not alone. The next great Scratch9 villain makes his debut here! This is a direct lead-in to this summer’s new Scratch9 monthly!

Cat America, Dog America
In this stand-alone adventure, Scratch teams up with Bo Obama and the witch cat Writh to rescue President Barack Obama!

Run & Amuk
Flip the Scratch9 issue over and you’ve got the new all-ages action title “Run & Amuk” from writer Rob M. Worley and artist Joshua Buchanan.

The Scratch9 Free Comic Book Day 2014 Special contains all that and more!

FCBD: Scratch9FCBD: Scratch9FCBD: Scratch9FCBD: Scratch9
FCBD: Scratch9FCBD: Scratch9FCBD: Scratch9 

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