Preview: Robotech/Voltron #3

Mon, April 21st, 2014 at 7:02am PDT

Bimonthly! Part 3 of 5. Commander Keith Kogane struggles to find out what happened to his Voltron team as Colonel Edwards has top Robotechnologists toiling furiously to re-engineer the recovered lions back to into working order, but one of them is missing! A universe away, the SDF-1 puts up a gallant defense of the planet Arus, but how long can advanced alien technology hold out against the forces of black magic? In the midst of all this, Khyron the Backstabber brings his trademark Zentraedi treachery in his quest to claim the prize of the SDF-1 for himself!

Robotech/Voltron #3Robotech/Voltron #3Robotech/Voltron #3Robotech/Voltron #3
Robotech/Voltron #3   

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