Preview: Fathom: Kiani #3

Fri, April 25th, 2014 at 2:07pm PDT

Kiani has risen! Kiani severs her ties with Luzhin and the Volna after discovering the true dangers such a powerful research facility is capable of. However, her escape does not go according to plan—as the Russians prove they are not easily dissuaded from their attempts to become the world’s greatest nation—even if it means killing her in the process!

Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)
Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)Fathom: Kiani #3 (Vol. 3)  

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