Preview: Indestructible TPB, vol. #1

Tue, July 1st, 2014 at 6:58am PDT

Meet Greg Pincus—the planet’s brand-spanking-newest Superhero. One small problem: Greg is neither super, nor particularly heroic. But, he's sure enjoying the perks that accompany the world's misconception. Can Greg successfully navigate a celebrity-obsessed culture without revealing his secret shame?  Will his hirsute best friend/roommate (Barry) ever stop making things worse?  Will the League of Defenders quit sniping long enough to battle evil?  And, most importantly, will Greg's Mother–June ever be freakin' satisfied???

Indestructible TPB, vol. #1Indestructible TPB, vol. #1Indestructible TPB, vol. #1Indestructible TPB, vol. #1
Indestructible TPB, vol. #1Indestructible TPB, vol. #1  

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