Preview: Judge Anderson: Psi-Files TPB, vol. #4

Thu, July 17th, 2014 at 10:38am PDT

Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson spirals into her darkest adventures yet, as her greatest nemesis – Judge Death – returns to plague Mega-City One! Together with his vile ‘sisters’ Nausea and Phobia, Death has created the Half-Life virus, unleashing a wave of homicidal behaviour in Mega-City One that only Anderson can stop – even if it means sacrificing her own life to do so! The continuing saga of everybody’s favourite Psi-Judge, are written by Alan Grant (Batman, Judge Dredd) and feature the superb artwork of Arthur Ranson (Mazeworld, Button Man) and Steve Sampson (Doctor Who Magazine), with bonus material from Mark Millar (The Ultimates) and Dermot Power (Sláine).


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