Preview: Sky Doll #1

Thu, May 8th, 2008 at 8:21pm PDT

The internationally acclaimed best-seller is now finally presented in English! Meet Noa, a so-called Sky Doll; a life-like female android without rights, who exists only to serve the State's needs and desires. But when Noa meets two so-called "missionaries" who aid in her escape from her tyrannical master, all hell breaks loose for our cyborg siren as she uncovers clues that she may be much more than just a robotic toy. The first release in a new partnership between Marvel and cutting-edge French publisher Soleil!

Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)
Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1)Sky Doll #1 (Vol. 1) 

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