Preview: Uncanny X-Men #513

Thu, June 25th, 2009 at 9:41am PDT

“UTOPIA: CHAPTER 2” WHO ARE THE DARK X-MEN? He has his own Avengers team and now Norman Osborn has his own X-Men team. The other shoe has finally dropped and Emma Frost has betrayed Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men. And that’s just one of the huge surprises in “UTOPIA”. Is that Namor? Cloak and Dagger? Professor X?! The thing that you aren’t ready for is that Osborn is right.

Uncanny X-Men #513 (Vol. 513)Uncanny X-Men #513 (Vol. 513)Uncanny X-Men #513 (Vol. 513)Uncanny X-Men #513 (Vol. 513)
Uncanny X-Men #513 (Vol. 513)   

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