Preview: KillAudio #0

Wed, July 15th, 2009 at 8:21pm PDT

Only Available at the BOOM! Studios Booth #2543 during Comic-Con ‘09

KILL AUDIO follows the adventures of an immortal little troll who struggles to find purpose in a land where creativity is a controlled substance. When musical creativity spirals into chaos, KILL AUDIO discovers his life mission.

Supported by a wildly eccentric posse and a nemesis hell-bent on proving his mortality, KILL AUDIO takes on non-sensical musical sub-genres while traipsing across a vivid landscape, all of which could only come from the intense mind of Claudio Sanchez.

The KILL AUDIO PREVIEW BOOK and the KILL AUDIO VINYL FIGURE will be available at the BOOM! Studios booth (#2543) with Claudio signing on Friday and Saturday from 4pm - 5pm.

KillAudio (Vol. 0)KillAudio (Vol. 0)KillAudio (Vol. 0)KillAudio (Vol. 0)

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