Preview: Incredible Hercules #134

Wed, August 19th, 2009 at 11:08am PDT

"The Replacement Thor" continues as the Mighty Hercules, wearing the Thunder God's togs and towing a most unexpected guest star along to provide the pyrotechnics, descends to mysterious Svartalfheim to save the day from a new threat among the Dark Elves. But everything changes when the wicked Elven Queen turns out to be as languorously lovely as she is lethal! What Would Thor Do? Probably not what happens in this book!

Incredible Hercules #134 (Vol. 134)Incredible Hercules #134 (Vol. 134)Incredible Hercules #134 (Vol. 134)Incredible Hercules #134 (Vol. 134)
Incredible Hercules #134 (Vol. 134)   

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