Preview: Legend Of Isis #5

Tue, September 22nd, 2009 at 9:32am PDT

New story arch! After the sudden appearance (then disappearance) of the Scarab Queen Isis thought she had earned a few days off. Isis thought wrong. Waking up in what appears to be an ancient catacomb, Isis stumbles across her sister . . . changed. Nephtys is now . . . good??!!!! Furthermore, she needs Isis to help her save the world. What is going on? And did you say you wanted to know who the newest stars of the Bluewater Universe are? Well, want no longer, since this issue of Isis proudly introduces the magnificent odd couple, Tony and Cleo.

Legend Of Isis #5 (Vol. 5)Legend Of Isis #5 (Vol. 5)Legend Of Isis #5 (Vol. 5)Legend Of Isis #5 (Vol. 5)

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