Preview: Web of Spider-Man #2

Mon, November 23rd, 2009 at 9:13am PST

As the first wave of the Gauntlet jolts Spidey’s life in the form of Electro, we’ll take a look back at how Max Dillon became the voltage virtuoso known as Electro as Fred Van Lente and Barry Kitson bring you his side of the origin story! Over in Spider-Girl, May-Day continues her war with the Jersey Devil, while her clone April comes face to face with the remaining members of the cult of the Goblin! Finally, what’s a day in the life like for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson? Tom Peyer has the answers – so come for a swing on the web this November!

Web of Spider-Man #2 (Vol. 2)Web of Spider-Man #2 (Vol. 2)Web of Spider-Man #2 (Vol. 2)Web of Spider-Man #2 (Vol. 2)
Web of Spider-Man #2 (Vol. 2)   

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