Preview: Powers #2

Thu, December 17th, 2009 at 8:58pm PST

POWERS continues its monthly comeback!! Following the shocking revelations about Walker's past in our first issue, we dig deeper into the mysterious death of Z, the leader of the super hero rat pack of yesteryear. All this PLUS the long-awaited return of the Powers Personals! That's right!! Will Kick-Ass get you a girl? No. Will Incognito get you a honey? Pretty unlikely. Will Kabuki get you-- Well, Kabuki will probably get you a threesome but...Powers is back!!

Powers #2 (Vol. 2)Powers #2 (Vol. 2)Powers #2 (Vol. 2)Powers #2 (Vol. 2)
Powers #2 (Vol. 2)Powers #2 (Vol. 2)Powers #2 (Vol. 2) 

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