Preview: Dark Kingdom #4

Wed, January 27th, 2010 at 6:02am PST

RED MORDEN VERSUS DEATH DEALER as the epic miniseries concludes in full panel-to-panel comic storytelling! Pulled beneath the swirling sands of the Isle of Thorns by a living statue of tentacles and steel, Red Morden awakens beneath the boiling skies of the Land of the Dead. Propelled by the rowing of a mysterious, skull-faced boatman, the berserker finds himself facing the end of his quest amidst the blood red waves. And on a lost beach littered with skulls, rusted armor and the ghosts of the battle slain, Morden will face his greatest challenge-an unstoppable engine of destruction in black chain mail and a horned helmet.

Dark Kingdom #4 (Vol. 4)Dark Kingdom #4 (Vol. 4)Dark Kingdom #4 (Vol. 4)Dark Kingdom #4 (Vol. 4)
Dark Kingdom #4 (Vol. 4)   

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