Preview: Daredevil #505

Thu, February 11th, 2010 at 8:58pm PST

The Man Without Fear visits the Land of The Rising Sun! As the new leader of The Hand, Matt Murdock seeks to unite its five continental regions behind his banner and lead the organization to a new future - but when all five "fingers" of The Hand form its mighty fist, you'll be surprised at who gets hit first! Series writer Andy Diggle welcomes Marco Checchetto (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) for the Three-Part epic, THE LEFT HAND PATH!

Deadpool VariantDaredevil #505 (Vol. 505)Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)
Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)Daredevil #505 (Vol. 505)

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