Preview: Mice Templar: Destiny #7

Sat, February 13th, 2010 at 9:58am PST


Karic comes to a momentous decision regarding his fate, challenging even Cassius's faith in him, and setting both on a collision with destiny; reckless, audacious, and a bold course of action that will change everything. While at the capital, the scheming handmaiden Alexis defies the royal consort Lorelie, and sets her sights on Leito in the dungeons below the palace. And the bats send an emissary to entreat with King Icarus, making their own move at last in the delicate game of competing powers.

Mice Templar: Destiny #7 (Vol. 7)Mice Templar: Destiny #7 (Vol. 7)Mice Templar: Destiny #7 (Vol. 7)Mice Templar: Destiny #7 (Vol. 7)
Mice Templar: Destiny #7 (Vol. 7)   

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