Preview: Robocop #2

Mon, February 22nd, 2010 at 8:58am PST

Dynamite’s Robocop series is the only sequel to the smash film any fan will ever need! Written with reverence and pure appreciation for the original film, Dynamite’s Robocop – under the writing hand of Rob Williams and artist Fabiano Neves – pulls no punches and spares no criminal! This is the Robocop you’ve been waiting for! This issue: OCP has unleashed the biggest and baddest ED-209 yet, one that even Robocop is gonna have a hard time putting down…. Suggested for mature readers.

Also available: “Spot Color” limited edition cover

Johnny D CoverRobocop #2 (Vol. 2)Robocop #2 (Vol. 2)Robocop #2 (Vol. 2)
Robocop #2 (Vol. 2)Robocop #2 (Vol. 2)  

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