Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #622

Sun, February 21st, 2010 at 8:58pm PST

As the Gauntlet rages on around him, the spotlight is on Peter Parker's original archenemy-turned-best friend, Flash Thompson. Since losing his legs in service to his country, Flash Thompson's not been deterred by his physical limitations. But even a hero can have his limits. Greg Weisman, one of the brains behind the smash TV hit Spectacular Spider-Man, teams with Luke Ross (CAPTAIN AMERICA) to bring a touching story of Flash Thompson coming to terms with his new life. Then, Fred Van Lente and Joe Quinones (WEDNESDAY COMICS) bring Spider-Man face-to-face with Morbius, The Living Vampire!

Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)
Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)Amazing Spider-Man #622 (Vol. 622)  

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