Preview: Witchblade #135

Tue, March 2nd, 2010 at 6:23pm PST

“Pantheon” Part 2 of 3, Guest-starring Aphrodite IV!

The android assassin Aphrodite IV is back in town, and Sara’s confrontation with the cold-blooded killer will force her to face her own actions during “War of the Witchblades.”

Featuring a cover by series artist Sejic and a variant cover by Darick Robertson (The Boys)!

Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)
Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135)Witchblade #135 (Vol. 135) 

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