Preview: Red Robin #10

Tue, March 9th, 2010 at 9:58am PST

The Red Robin/Batgirl crossover continues as Ra's al Ghul targets everyone in Bruce Wayne's "family" for death – and only Red Robin and Batgirl can stop it. Except Batgirl's not so sure about Tim these days...especially once he starts working with one of Ra's' own assassins. Plus, Ra's al Ghul vs. Hush! Vicki Vale vs. Alfred! And Tam Fox continues her search only to run into even more trouble. Continued from this month's Batgirl #8!

Red Robin #10 (Vol. 10)Red Robin #10 (Vol. 10)Red Robin #10 (Vol. 10)Red Robin #10 (Vol. 10)
Red Robin #10 (Vol. 10)   

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