Preview: Political Power: Rush Limbaugh

Tue, April 20th, 2010 at 3:15pm PDT

Story by
Don Smith
Art by
J.B. Fernandes
Cover by
Jim McDermott
Blue Water Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Apr 28th, 2010
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He has been called "the most dangerous man in America" as well as "the leader of a vast Right Wing Conspiracy." And many politicians, news pundits and commentators have asked, "Is he good for America?" Those questions are discussed, as well as the revealing story of how a simple football fan from Missouri changed not only the faces of the news industry and radio industry, but with the help of 20 million listeners a week, Rush Limbaugh changed the face of modern politics.

Political Power: Rush Limbaugh (Vol. )Political Power: Rush Limbaugh (Vol. )Political Power: Rush Limbaugh (Vol. )Political Power: Rush Limbaugh (Vol. )
Political Power: Rush Limbaugh (Vol. )   

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