Preview: Spider-Man: Fever #2

Thu, April 29th, 2010 at 8:58pm PDT

FILE UNDER F FOR FAR OUT! Visionary creator Brendan McCarthy continues his surreal story as Dr. Strange journeys through bizarre dimensional realms in order to rescue Spider-Man's soul from a tribe of depraved spider-demons. Reading like a psychedelic mash-up of Steve Ditko, The Beatles and Tim Burton, this trippy adventure is another modern classic from The House of Ideas! Parental Advisory

Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)
Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)Spider-Man: Fever #2 (Vol. 2)  

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