Preview: War of the Supermen #0

Fri, April 30th, 2010 at 6:05am PDT

A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! The conflict between Superman and General Zod erupts into all-out war this summer in a series that will shatter the worlds of Superman, Supergirl and the entire DC Universe — all brought to you by the hit creative team of James Robinson and Eddy Barrows! This special #0 issue featuring all-new material previews the conflicts to come while spotlighting a savage strike on Metropolis and the world — an attack that will shake Superman to his very core. After this, there’s no turning back — the War of the Supermen is here!

War of the Supermen (Vol. 0)War of the Supermen (Vol. 0)War of the Supermen (Vol. 0)War of the Supermen (Vol. 0)
War of the Supermen (Vol. 0)   

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