Preview: X-Men Forever #23

Thu, May 6th, 2010 at 8:58pm PDT

DON’T MISS THE EXPLOSIVE CONCLUSION TO THE FIRST VOLUME OF THIS LANDMARK SERIES! The X-Men are up to their ears in the Consortium, the anti-mutant shadow government bent on eradicating all mutantkind. Still reeling from revelations of who is behind the mysterious organization, Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Kitty, Gambit, Lil’ ‘Ro, Rogue, Kurt and Professor X must band together to ensure the survival of all mutants. DON’T MISS A THRILLING MINUTE OF THIS SERIES FROM X-MEN LEGEND CHRIS CLAREMONT!

X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)
X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)X-Men Forever #23 (Vol. 23)  

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