Preview: Incorruptible #6

Sat, May 22nd, 2010 at 6:57am PDT

The secrets of Jailbait revealed! Where does she come from? How did she end up with Max Damage? And what will her tombstone say? Max Damage is about to learn a lesson and his path to redemption may very well be paved in blood! This is the issue that all your friends will be talking about! Covers by Dennis Calero and Rafael Alberquerque.

Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)
Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6)Incorruptible #6 (Vol. 6) 

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