Preview: Incorruptible #7

Mon, June 21st, 2010 at 9:19pm PDT

They called him Max Damage for a reason. After his knock-down-drag-out with Amberjack and Jailbait’s double-dealing, Max is on a warpath that will put his new career path into question. Then, Detective Armadale drops a bombshell that brings things to critical mass for the unlikely trio. Is there such a thing as second chances when you have this much blood on your hands? Covers by Christian Nauck and Rafael Albuquerque.

Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)
Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7)Incorruptible #7 (Vol. 7) 

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