Preview: Dungeons & Dragons #0

Sun, June 27th, 2010 at 6:02pm PDT

Step into the world of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS!

Take your first strides on a long and majestic adventure—fight to stay alive—fight for honor—fight for glory!In this special issue you’ll get two stories introducing you to the upcoming D&D worlds, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, too.

All this leads up to the thrilling release of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS #1 in November and a DARK SUN limited series in January. Don’t miss this value-priced jumping-on point for the all-new wave of D&D comics!

Dungeons & Dragons (Vol. 0)Dungeons & Dragons (Vol. 0)Dungeons & Dragons (Vol. 0)Dungeons & Dragons (Vol. 0)

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