Preview: Grimm Fairy Tales #49

Tue, July 20th, 2010 at 12:35pm PDT

For centuries Sela has helped put her human charges on the right path. Using her book as a gateway to the fairy tale realm to harness its powers and magical creatures to teach her lessons. Now she finds herself pulled into that same fairy tale world where war is imminent and not everyone is going to live happily ever after. Don't miss this prelude to the incredible 50th milestone issue of Grimm Fairy Tales.

Grimm Fairy Tales #49 (Vol. 49)Grimm Fairy Tales #49 (Vol. 49)Grimm Fairy Tales #49 (Vol. 49)Grimm Fairy Tales #49 (Vol. 49)
Grimm Fairy Tales #49 (Vol. 49)   

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