Preview: Incorruptible #8

Wed, July 28th, 2010 at 1:39pm PDT

Notorious supervillain turned superhero Max Damage has had enough trouble trying to keep one underage sidekick in line; now he’s found himself saddled with two! But how can he keep both of them alive when the villain Deathgiver is out for blood? Covers by Rafael Albuquerque and Christian Nauck.

Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)
Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8)Incorruptible #8 (Vol. 8) 

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