Preview: Radical Premiere: The Rising #1

Wed, July 28th, 2010 at 7:19pm PDT

Story by
E. Max Freye
Art by
J.P. Targete
Radical Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Jul 28th, 2010
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Creator/Writer E. Max Frye (HBO’s Band of Brothers) and artist J.P. Targete (illustrator for Pixar’s John Carter of Mars film adaptation) present a very special $1.00 introduction to launch the upcoming miniseries.

After years of war, economic chaos, and mankind, itself, teetering on the verge of thermonuclear extinction, an alien force invades the planet. When a deadly virus is released, this militaristic empire massacres the world’s defense forces and most of the human population. The survivors are forced into slavery, helpless as they watch this new enemy plunder the remaining natural resources of Earth. Jarrett Jakes, chosen to fight and die as a gladiator, escapes from Zone R.X. 84 (formerly New York City) to lead a ragged band of guerrilla warriors in hopes of inspiring a downtrodden world to rise up against their alien oppressors.

Radical Premiere: The Rising #1 (Vol. 1)Radical Premiere: The Rising #1 (Vol. 1)Radical Premiere: The Rising #1 (Vol. 1)Radical Premiere: The Rising #1 (Vol. 1)
Radical Premiere: The Rising #1 (Vol. 1)   

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