Preview: Critical Millenium #2

Sat, August 28th, 2010 at 7:50pm PDT

Story by
Andrew E. C. Gaska
Art by
Daniel Dussault
Cover Price:
Release Date
Sep 1st, 2010
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The chronicle of one thousand years of mankind’s rise and fall in outer space continues! Traveling to the outer system colonies with pop singer Angel Rei in tow, Thomm Coney and Eryc Kartoneas witness the first test launch of the experimental engine that will propel them to their destiny! But the Blackstar drive utilizes miniature black holes to catapult vessels to other worlds, and as the test begins, Thomm finds himself wondering, “Just what happens to Earth system if a black hole doesn’t close?” While the entrepreneurs are off world, natural calamity strikes New Bombay! In the devastated slums of the Ghost Quarter, the man called the Wraith rises to power, organizing the despondent Ghosts into a fanatical terrorist regime. Their focus: The death of those who would dare take mankind to the stars!

Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)
Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2)Critical Millenium #2 (Vol. 2) 

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